Tenpenny Research Library


The Vaccine Research Library was created so the hard-to-find science can be quickly identified. The Library includes Dr. Tenpenny’s personal vaccine research collection that she has gathered over more than a decade while working to educate parents and health advocates about the hazards associated with vaccines.

You’ve just taken a giant step to find a goldmine of links to scientific abstracts and full-text articles detailing the dangers of vaccines. You will also have access to ways to protect yourself and your children. By joining the DebunkingVaccination site, you will gain access to the unique compendium of research material that is difficult to find elsewhere but easy to find here.

As a member of this site, you’ll enjoy the rare advantage of “pre-search” – where the research has been and continues to be done by the Library team – so all you need do is “click and read.”

If you’re looking for a “rah-rah” website that extols the wonders of vaccines, this is not the place for you. But if you want to find and use irrefutable, scientific evidence to debunk vaccine “safety,” then the collection found at DebunkingVaccination.com is really the “Catch of the Day.”




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